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Ecological Environment


Release time: 2012-07-09 16:27:36                                      Source: OVC

 Wuhan has the northern subtropical monsoon climate which features with abundant rainfall, abundant sunshine, hot summer and cold winter. The average annual temperature is 15.8°C -17.5°C. The lowest average temperature of 0.4°C occurs in January, and the highest monthly average temperature of 28.7°C occurs in July and August. The summer has 135 days, and because Wuhan is located at 30 degrees north latitude, the temperature at noon of summer may reach up to 38°C. Wuhan is an inland city far away from the ocean with the basin terrain and many rivers and lakes, so it is easy to collect heat and difficult to radiate heat, and there is more water vapor at night. What’s more, the subtropical high control, coupled with the urban heat island effect of summer drought, makes Wuhan very hot, known as one of China’s four furnaces. In summer, it is generally higher than 37°C, and the extreme maximum temperature can reach 44.5°C. In plum rain season of early summer, there is concentrated rainfall, and the annual rainfall is 1100 mm. The active accumulated temperature of Wuhan is 5150°C, and the annual frost-free period and annual total sunshine hour are 240 days and 2000 hours respectively.