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Ecological Environment


Release time: 2012-07-09 16:28:59                                      Source: OVC

 Wuhan is known as the “100-lake City” for its 170 lakes, including 41 urban lakes and 129 suburbs lakes, among which there are 9 lakes run across cities or districts. 65 lakes have over 5 square kilometers of rain bearing area. When at normal water level, the lake water surface area is ​​942.8 square kilometers and the lake water surface rate reaches 11.11%, ranking first in China. In the descending order of the number of lakes in each district: 49 in Caidian, 23 in Huangpi, 20 in Dongxihu, 17 in Hongshan, 17 in Jiangxia, 14 in Xinzhou, 7 in Hanyang, 7 in Jianghan, 6 in Hannan, 4 in Wuchang, 2 in Jiang’an, 2 in Qiaokou, and 2 in Qingshan. East Lake is China’s largest downtown lake with the shore line of over 110 km and water area of ​​33 square kilometers, six times the area of ​​West Lake, Hangzhou.