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Ecological Environment

Natural Resources

Release time: 2012-07-09 16:29:19                                      Source: OVC

Wuhan has abundant water resources and the water area reaches ​​2205.06 square kilometers, accounting for 25.79% of the total area, ranking first in China. The natural vegetation is mainly evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved forests. Masson pine, fir, and oak are general trees. There are up to more than 240 varieties of food crops and 50 kinds of economic crops. In addition, there are 11 orders, 11 families and 88 species of fish resources and 8 orders, 14 families and 45 species of aquatic animals. 38 kinds of minerals have been found, among which the reserves of 24 kinds have been proved (excluding groundwater), accounting for 30.38% of the provincial proven reserves of minerals. The total proven and existing reserves are 961,256,500 tons and 798,297,500 tons respectively. The city has 384 mineral deposits with proven reserves, including 4 large mineral deposits, 10 medium-sized mineral deposits, 43 small mineral deposits, and 327 mineral occurrences.