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Macao Jin Tang Dou Lao

Release time: 2012-08-17 17:42:10                                      Source: OVC

The so-called Jin Tang is the most precious among seafood soups, and is also the master work in the soups of Macao Jin Tang Dou Lao. As is said in the Supplementation to the Compendium of Materia Medica, Jin Tang has the effect of tonifying five zang organs, promoting middle qi, tonifying qi and enriching the blood, tonifying liver and lung, refreshing and stimulating one’s appetite. Elaborately stewed with rare seafood like fin, dried scallop and crab cream, added with over 20 premium quality herbs, it has an enriched nutrition and smooth taste. It has brought the Dou Lao food to a totally new state in which the Dou Lao’s quality has been improved comprehensively.

Macao Jin Tang Dou Lao is on the fifth floor of International Plaza, Wuhan Optics Valley. It is the first chain store in Wuhan city. With the essence of authentic Macao Dou Lao, it also blends with both the classical fashion and prevailing trend. One person, one pot, it is natural, healthy as well as fashionable.

Address: Floor 5, International Plaza of Optics Valley Tel: 027-59109999