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Special Breakfasts

Release time: 2012-08-17 17:45:44                                      Source: OVC

Hubu Alley:

Hubu Alley is located on Minzhu Road of Wuchang, a well-known snack street in China. For more than 20 years, there are enduring breakfast stalls selling more than 30 kinds of Hankou snacks loved by Wuhan people, like Hot Dry Noodles, Fresh Fish Hutangfen, Doupi, Mianwo, Steamed Pork Dumplings, Sticky Rice with Deep-fried Dough sticks, Huanxituo and so on. There are red and shining shrimp balls, black and bright winkles, Chuanchuanxiang with great colors, smells and taste, impressive Chouganzi, oysters with a strong flavor, and other food, so you could enjoy a feast and have a deep impression on various foods. Here, you can not only enjoy the essences of Jingchu snacks, but also feel the distinctive flavor of alien land: Shish kebab of Xinjiang, Iron plate squid of Fujian, Roujiamo of Shaanxi, Ramen of Lanzhou and Wowotou of northwest China …

Hubu Alley Optics Valley Branch
Address: Zhongshang Fair Price Chain Store, Minzu Avenue (Shuguang Trade City)
Address: 1/F, Optics Valley Shopping Center of Optics Valley International Zhongshang Fair Price Chain Store (close to Jiayuan Road)
Sanzhen Minsheng Sweet Food Restaurant :
Address: Xiongchu Avenue Store (close to Guanshan Middle School)
Address: Lumo Road Store (close to Zhongbai Supermarket)
Yonghe Soya-bean Milk:
Address: No. 108-11, Lumo Road
Wangpo Bean Jelly (Chengdu Snack):
Address: North section of Rongyuan Road (close to Wuhan Institute of Technology)
Address: Backstreet of Contemporary Student Apartment, Minzu Avenue (close to Huocheng Xindu)
Address: Business Street Corner, Fenghuang Garden, Optics Valley Avenue
Caishan Noodle House:
Address: 2/F Shop front of Qingjiang Shanshui Community Tel: 027-87208559
Sulai Beef Noodle House:
Address: Diagonally opposite to Huquan Night Market, South Zhuodaoquan Road