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Night Markets

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Qiqing Street:

Qiqing Street in Hankou is the most famous snack street in Wuhan. Especially after 22:00 at night, it gets busier and busier with blazing lights. Generally speaking, most foods here are local while some are from other places (like Shish kebab of Xinjiang). The most popular food is the duck neck. There will be a plate of duck necks on each dining-table. In addition, there are big lobster, little winkles, strong-smelling preserved bean curd, lotus root…and of course the well-known Wuchang fish.

Shouyi Road Snack Street:

Although it is not as famous as Hubu Alley or Jiqing Street, it has everything that one expects to find at a comparatively favorable price. It is famous for “Oil Braised Prawns”.

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