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Other Convenient Services

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Chuangxin Housekeeping
Address: Room 711, Building 3, Extra No. 1, SBI Chuangye Street, Optics Valley Tel: 027-86626993
Yanhuang Housekeeping
Address: Room 720, Building 2, Shangdu Apartment, Optics Valley Walking Street Tel: 027-87584022
Huaxing Housekeeping Service and Baby Nurse
Address: Room 102, Gate 2, Building 1, Dianxin House Estate, Luoyu Road Tel: 027-87922922
Jinguo Housekeeping
Address: Opposite of Wanggu Trade Market, Lumo Road Tel: 027-87492291
Jiaxin (large and professional) Moving Service Tel: 027-88111188
Optics Valley Moving Service (South Lake House Estate) Tel: 027-87404591/15927267499
Huancheng Moving and Cleaning Service
Address: Luoyu Road (close to Xinwuxiong) Tel: 027-87779992 / 87458576
Xiaozhao’s Moving Service
Address: Optics Valley Chuangye Street Tel: 13419525960
Laobaoxing Moving Service
Address: No. 19 Luxiang Street Tel: 1398616435
Xindafa Moving Service (South Lake)
Tel: 027-87899062 15387020976
Shike online meal delivery service
Address: Room 602, Donggu Yinzhuo Tel: 15717177561
Liangxuanfu Meal Delivery Service
Address: No. 50, Optics Valley Avenue Tel: 13126138262

Unlocking Service :
Jianhao Lock City, Emergency Unlocking Service
Address: Optics Valley Chuangye Street Tel: 027-62269999 027-87454545
Omnipotent Lock Industry, Unlocking Service
Address: Guanshangkou, Guanshan Avenue Tel: 027-69171177
Optics Valley Emergency Unlocking Service Center
Address: Back gate of Luxiang Square, No. 726, Luoyu Road Tel: 027-87525042
Car rental service :
Yuejie Car Rental
Address: Room 2502, Jianqiaohui, East Luoyu Road Tel: 18064017567
Huitong Tianxia
Address: Room 1101, Unit 2, Building Extra 1, Optics Valley Chuangye Street Tel: 027-67849799
Qishun Car Rental
Address: Room 1019, Shangdu Building 1, World City, Optics Valley Walking Street Tel: 027-87219667
Junlian Car Rental
Address: Room 1116, Shangdu Building 1, World City, Optics Valley Walking Street Tel: 027-86654008
Shenzhou Car Rental: 400-616-6666
Dafang Car Rental: 400-060-0112
Yihai Car Rental: 400-888-6608