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Other hospitals

Release time: 2012-08-17 11:40:16                                      Source: OVC

East Lake Hospital Optics Valley Branch:
Address: No. 173, Minzu Avenue Tel: 027-87509503
Hubei Prison Administration Bureau General Hospital:
Address: Extra No. 1, Miaoshan District
Tel: 027-87922368
Gehua Hospital:
Address: Gehua Center Street, Zuoling Office
Tel: 027-87602577
Fozuling Community Health Service Center:
Address: No. 4, Bayi Road, Liufang Street
Tel: 027-87947326
Gehua Street Community Health Service Center (Zuoling Public Health Center):
Address: No. 132, Zuoling Center Street
Tel: 027-87600100 to 8028
Huashan Public Health Center:
Address: No. 4, Hospital Road, Huashan Town
Tel: 027-87631141 to 8007
Jiufeng Hospital:
Address: No. 33, Wangjiadian, Jiufeng
Tel: 027-87636065 to 128
Liufang Central Hospital:
Address: No. 9, Tanmiao Road, Liufang Street
Tel: 027-81620512
Baoxie Hospital:
Address: Extra No. 1 Qiaobei Road, Baoxie Town
Tel: 027-81614310
Dawuchen Public Health Center:
Address: No. 76, Zhongwutian Street, Dawuchen Office
Tel: 027-87975152
Hubei Hospital of Traditional China Optics Valley District :
Address: No. 856, Luoyu Road
Tel: 027-87748001 (Outpatient department)
Wuhan No. 3 Hospital Optics Valley Guanshan District:
Address: 1 Guanshan Road Tel: 027-87427931
Wuhan Qijin Hospital:
Address: Left of Paris Garden, East Luoyu Road
Tel: 027-87415140
South-central University for Nationalities Hospital:
Address: Opposite Main Entrance of South-central University for Nationalities
Kanglong Yijun Experiment Center:
Address: 2nd Floor, Wuhan Securities Building, No. 540, Luoyu Road
Changjiang Motive Power Corporation Hospital:
Address: No. 124, Guanshan Avenue
Tel: 027-51782169/51782159
Address: No. 72-1, Luxiang Tel: 027-87525142

Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Hospital
Address: next to Institute of Physical Education, Majia Village
Vanke City Garden Community Health Service Station
Address: Property Upstairs, Vanke City Garden (near Zhongbai Supermarket)
Changjiang Rongda Workers Hospital
Address: No. 469, Guanshan Avenue
China Construction Third Engineering Bureau 2nd Clinic
Address: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, Lumo Road
Chinese People’s Liberation Army 95037 Military Hospital
Address: Extra No. 2, Luxiang, Zhuobao Road
Steam Turbine Power Plant Workers Hospital
Address: opposite to Huazhong University of Science & Technology Front Door, No. 1037, Luoyu Road