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Optics Valley Hospital

Release time: 2012-05-08 09:04:07                                      Source: OVC

Optics Valley Hospital is located at the 5th floor of Optics Valley Square, the landmark building of Optics Valley. It covers more than 4000 square meters, and the gross investment is RMB 80 million. Optics Valley Hospital, with the first-rate domestic and overseas medical expert team, provides every patient with one-stop special service such as physical examination, specialist clinic, recuperation and healthcare, sub-health conditioning, business leisure etc. Based on the medical spirit of a superior doctor prevents sickness, a mediocre doctor attends to sickness, an inferior doctor treats sickness, this hospital advocates the healthy concept of “prevention overweighs treatment”, adopts the international advanced private health adviser management concept, integrates health monitoring and assessment, disease prediction and overall health plan, and introduces American Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) mode to provide exceptional service with appointment system, membership hotel-type, private doctor group management.


1. Physical examination: group medical package, individual medical package, personalized medical package
2. Specialist clinic: cardiovascular department, department of hematology internal medicine, department of stomatology, digestion department, department of gynecology, department of urinary surgery, otorhinolaryngological department, ophthalmology, department of neurosurgery internal medicine, department of endocrinology, etc.
3. Recuperation and healthcare: physical therapy, water therapy, Chinese medicine healthcare, etc.
4. Sub-health conditioning: single room, star hotel standard etc.
5. Business leisure: VIP suite (including complete set of water therapy equipment)
6. Health management: periodic health information collection, overall physical examination, health monitoring and assessment, disease surveillance and assessment, overall health promotion plan, digital health record creation and tracking, private medical group management service, medical green channel, etc.
Address: South of Optics Valley Square
Tel: 027-67885712