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Hotel Accommodations

1+365 Apartment Hotel

Release time: 2012-08-16 16:47:56                                      Source: OVC

Easy business: Internet access and LCD computers will make your business trip free and relax.
Special design: huge-sized French windows, delicate balcony, Japanese and Korean Tatami, broad and soft Simmons mattress, and abstract art-crafts for appreciation.
Safety & Convenience: the apartment is equipped with a reliable safe-guard system adopting double protections from technique protection and guarders. Downstairs is a busy business street. Over 40 bus lines pass though here and the underground parking lot is available for free.
Economy: compared with other hotels of its kind, the hotel can give a discount of 30% to 60%, and the charging system is more flexible for it allows short-time and long-time renting. Short-time renting including 1 day’s renting is charged by days, while long-time renting is more favorable.

Address: Room 2802, Building 2, Shangdu Apartment, Optics Valley Walking Street, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Tel: 027-86647355