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Ruan Chengfa Visits East Lake High-tech Zone for Investigation and Study on 3D Printing Industry

Release time: 2013-04-19 11:51:34                                      Source: OVC

April 15, Ruan Chengfa, member of the standing committee of the provincial party committee and secretary of the municipal party committee visited Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone for investigation and study on emerging industries, and handled official businesses at the site of the 3D printing project jointly developed by Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) and Wuhan Binhu Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. to help boost the development of the project. During his visit, Ruan Chengfa exchanged ideas with President of Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Ji on issues concerning the research, development and industrialization of the 3D printing technology.

Accompanied by Lu Gang, secretary of the party committee of HUST, and Li Peigen, president of HUST, Ruan Chengfa and his party gained a detailed understanding about the research and development and preliminary industrialization of the 3D printing technology. Ruan fully endorsed the advancement of the technology and its vast application prospect, and required that the government departments should increase the efforts of supporting the project, not only solving financial difficulties, but also actively contributing ideas and advices to the research and entrepreneurial team of HUST to help them accelerate the industrialization pace of equipment manufacturing and technology applications, so as to form an enterprise development mode with scientific and clear division of labor including research and development of technology, promotion of applications, and production of products, which will help seize market opportunities.

The 3D printing technology is regarded as a symbol of the third industrial revolution. Wuhan is one of the first cities in China to research and develop the 3D printing technology. The Rapid Manufacturing Center of HUST and Binhu Mechanical & Electrical Company under its technical support started the related work early in 1991 and have jointly undertaken seven projects in the EU framework cooperated between Chinese and European governments, to carry out preliminary experiments for Airbus Company and the European Space Agency for the casting of large and complex titanium alloy components used in manufacturing aircraft, satellites and so on.

In order to promote the rapid development of the 3D printing technology industry, East Lake High-tech Zone has organized field researches for many times for exchanges and discussions with the leaders and technical teams of HUST to jointly study industry promotion measures. Currently, East Lake High-tech Zone has introduced related projects including Binhu Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd., Wuhan Power 3D Scanning Co., Ltd., and Beijing Puquan Science & Technology Co., Ltd. to move into the Future City in Wuhan, and provided them with policy supports for the faster advancement of the projects.

City leaders Long Zhengcai, and Shao Weimin, Director of East Lake High-tech Development Zone Administrative Committee Zhang Guangqing, Executive Deputy Director of East Lake High-tech Development Zone Administrative Committee Dan Changchun, and Deputy Director of East Lake High-tech Development Zone Administrative Committee Xia Yamin participated in the investigation and research activity.