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20 Enterprises from East Lake High-tech Zone Participates in China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries

Release time: 2013-05-22 11:44:18                                      Source: OVC

At the Ninth China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) held during May 17-20, a total of 20 enterprises from East Lake High-tech Zone participated in the exhibition, which participants include Jiang Toon Animation Co., Ltd., Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd., Routon Electronic Co., Ltd., Chukun Cultural Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Splendid Optronics Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Metaview Technology Co., Ltd., Transvalue Imaging Control Co., Ltd., Zentech Interactive Co., Ltd., Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co., Ltd., Wuhan Super Gamer Network Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Binhu Mechanical & Electrical CO., Ltd. and so on. The high-tech products exhibited by the enterprise exhibitors such as laser harp, cloud translation, and 3D printing attracted many visitors.

From the latest news, the Hubei Exhibition Hall designed and built by Metaview Technology Co., Ltd., from East Lake High-tech Zone won the Best Exhibition Award and the Best Organization Award.

In its overall design, Hubei Exhibition Hall has the layout comprised of “one screen, two zones, chimes in the front, and pillar in the back” which have has the metaphorical meaning that Hubei Province, where the ancient Chu state was situated, is elegant and graceful, with its culture heritage like a pillar firm on the ground and propping the sky. The entirety of Hubei Exhibition Hall centers around the “fusion of culture and technology” products created by the Optics Valley of China, and makes use of the “dynamic water sculpture”, “projection show”, “interactive display” and other advanced technologies to create a fantastic feast of Chu culture, highlighting the three characteristics of “making the culture technological”, “making the technologies humanistic”, and “making the industry viewable”. As a national demonstration base for the fusion of culture and technology, East Lake High-tech Zone has also particularly set up a display area in Science and Technology Exhibition Hall.

This year’s ICIF lasted four days and was themed with “the sail of commercial trade helps the culture industry to voyage afar”. A total of 2,118 government groups, enterprises, and institutions participated in the exhibition, and a total of 16,097 overseas buyers from 91 countries and regions participated in the trade fair. It is understood that the accumulated volume of transaction in the previous eight sessions of ICIF has exceeded RMB 640 billion yuan, including export amount of more than RMB 73.5 billion yuan.

During the fair, East Lake High-tech Zone has among other things carried out project promotion at the advisory conference on listing of cultural enterprises in Hubei Province and the investment attraction conference of Hubei cultural industry projects.

Deputy Director of East Lake High-tech Zone Administrative Committee Guan Weiqiang attended the exhibition activities and visited Shenzhen Wenke Landscape Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen L&A Design Group.