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The price

Release time: 2012-05-08 03:55:03                                      Source: OVC

The final price is subject to the contract in case of market price fluctuation.
Price of Land and Rental ofFactoryBuilding
Land for industrial use: RMB200,000/mu
Standard factory building: RMB12-20/m2
Office space: RMB20-70/m2
The final rental price is subject to the contract.
Property management charge is normally 1.5-2.5 Yuan/month/
60 tons/hour. Projection for future: 130 tons/hour. This is mainly used for industrial and civil heating. Price: RMB135/ton.
Water Discharge
Projected treatment capacity:400,000m3/day
Wastewater Treatment
The wastewater will be discharged to Shahu, LongwangzuiFuzuling and Tangxun wastewater treatment facilities. Pollution Discharge Fees: 0.8 Yuan/m3
1.      Telecommunication service providers: China Telecom, NetCom, UniCom and Railcom, with offices throughout the Zone;
2. Broadband information network has been wired throughout the Zone. Network digitalization, transmission through optical fiber and businessinformatization have been realized.
3. There are 4 telecommunication exchange offices in the Zone, namely, Guanshan, Guannan, Miaoshan and Luxiang, with a total exchange capacity of over 200,000 (more than 3,000,000 inWuhanCity). The integration of SDH optical transmission system and DWDM system has been realized;
4.The bandwidth of transmission has reached 40G, backbone nodes in the base are connected with China Telecom’s 320G backbone transmission network through core nodes of China Telecom, Wuhan Branch. The international outlet bandwidth of the city has reached 63.5G, more than 500,000 ports available that can accommodate over 700, 000 Internet users. Eight 155M international telecommunication private channels for software and service outsourcing have been opened.
5. The total investment of the city’s underground backbone network has reached 4 billion RMByuan and optical fibers have been laid to all streets in the Zone. FTTD has started up. (telecommunication charge is collected according to the lowest standards of China)
The Zone has a sophisticated road system, which is a guarantee of convenience in transportation. In addition to trunk roads in the city, there are several highways running through or by the Zone, of which there are several national highways: Wuhan-Huangshi, Shanghai-Chengdu, Beijing-Zhuhai, No. 107 Highway (Beijing-Shenzhen), No. 106 Highway (Beijing-Guangzhou), No. 318 Highway (Shanghai-Niedamu), No. 316 Highway (Fuzhou-Lanzhou), etc.
Wuchang Railway Station is 10 km away from the Zone. The city’s south loop railway runs through the Zone. Liufang Freight Railway Station is only 3 km away from the zone. Express railway is under construction. It will take only 4 hours from Wuhan to Guangzhou or Beijing. Wuhan-Guangzhou Railway has been put into use. It only takes 4 hours from Wuhan to Guangzhou.
Hankou Passenger Pransportation Dock is 20 km away. Baihushan Dock and Qingshan Foreign Trade Dock are both about 25 km away, a half- hour’s ride.
TianheInternationalAirport (an international hub) is 40 km away from the Zone, 40 minutes’ ride.