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Release time: 2012-08-17 14:47:25                                      Source: OVC

Starbucks covers an area of 290 square meters with three floors. Through the spacious and bright French window, the bustling Optics Valley Plaza outdoor could be observed from afar. Log tables and chairs emitting a faint scent and comfortable big couches lies inside the house, accompanied by orange lighting and jazz music keeping a distance. It is warm, romantic and full of emotional appeal. You could taste more than 30 elaborately cured high grade coffees from Central America, Africa and Indonesia. Meanwhile, you could enjoy a series of handmade drink and elaborately baked cakes provided by Starbucks.

Starbucks is the synonym of top-level coffee in the world and the symbol of leisure and quality life. “If I am not in office, I am in Starbucks; if I am not in Starbucks, I am on the road to Starbucks.” The words have become catchword of urban life. Customers could not experience coffee, but also feel the atmosphere and emotional appeal of warmth, romance, comfort and relaxation. It is a bridge and platform to communicate and exchange with others.

Address: 11001, Zone B, Optics Valley Walking Street (front entrance of Optics Valley Walking Street)

Tel: 027-87417800/87417833