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Cenci Coffee (Book Store)

Release time: 2012-08-17 14:48:35                                      Source: OVC

In the big city, there is always a place where I could buy and read books. The words “Cenci Coffee” is from well-known saying of Luosu “varieties (Cenci) are the source of happiness” which was once advocated by the famous writer Wang Xiaobo. Through popularizing, “Cenci” has become a LOGO and a kind of life.

Fragrant coffee, unique books, and quiet and beautiful environment are desired by us.

Address: No. G2-1050-1052, Sunk Plaza, Optics Valley Walking Street          Tel: 027-83590376 87417750

Liang’an Coffee
Address: Floor 3, Optics Valley International Plaza Tel: 027-86659899
Jinshang Coffee
Address: No. 8, Luxiang, Luoyu Road Tel: 027-87411936
Mingren Coffee
Address: No. 560, Luoyu Road Tel: 027-87218611
Jingdian Coffee
Address: Floor 2, Building A, East Lake Sunshine, Wujiawan Station, Luoyu Road Tel: 027-87461717
Shanglin Coffee
Address: Floor 2, Building 1, Lingxiu City, No. 489, Xiongchu Avenue Tel: 027-81881828
Tixiang Coffee
Address: No. 3 Business shop, Jiangnan Jiayuan, Minzu Avenue Tel: 027-87781625
Jinli Coffee
Address: No. 6, Building 15, Poly Garden, Guanshan Avenue Tel: 027-88568383
Qunfeng Coffee
Address: No. 112, Paris Garden, East Luoyu Road Tel: 027-87688491
Aoge Coffee
Address: International Business Center, Optics Valley Avenue Tel: 027-67848699
Guanshantang (tea)
Address: 28-04 Wolong Jianqiao Chuntian, No. 76, Luoyu Road Tel: 027-86644881
Tianmeiyu Tea
Address: Floor 1, Hongfujiayuan, No. 938, Xiongchu Avenue Tel: 027-87776188
Zen Tea Museum of Art
Address: No. 27, Zhuodaoquan South Road Tel: 027-87581556
Longyu Tea and Coffee
Address: No. 124, Minzu Avenue Tel: 027-87581556
Mingdian Coffee and Tea
Address: Building Extra 1, SBI Tel: 027-85489071
Mingyuan Tea House
Address: Jinlou Garden, Dongxin Road, SBI Tel: 13907186021
A Coffee Fashionable Drink (shop in Optics Valley Walking Street)
Address: Floor 1, Optics Valley Walking Street Tel: 87417782