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Chongqing Jiafu Fuqiao Optics Valley Diamond Store

Release time: 2012-08-17 14:53:09                                      Source: OVC

Chongqing Jiafu Fuqiao Optics Valley Diamond Store is a large multifultional relaxation health center with pedicure, health care, chess and card, and buffet. Its decoration is elegant and luxury, its environment is comfy and cozy, and all the facilities are all in readiness.

Optics Valley Diamond Store is open all day. It is equipped with VIP rooms, deluxe rooms, luxury suites, and Thai style health care rooms, altogether more than 70 and it has more than 200 beds. The store can provide service for nearly 300 customers at a time. It also provides Gua Sha treatment, cupping glass, scouring bath and emperor’s treatment package for free. The store is equipped with cafeteria, which is managed by professional Sichuan cuisine chefs. All dishes taste delicious, and the environment is clean, providing buffet to customers for free. Fresh seasonal fruit plates, beverages, coffee, milk and tea are also available for free.

Address: Floor 5, Zone D, Optics Valley Walking Street       Tel: 027-87417009