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R&D Land Use Structure Chart

Release time: 2012-10-06 11:53:31                                      Source: OVC

Functions of the New Town: The New Town is to be based on high technology and its related industries, highlighting innovative services. It is to encompass such functions as R&D, services, production, residence, leisure and recreation.

High-tech industries as the base: photoelectricity, telecommunications, bio-medicine and other high-tech industries will be the fundamental industries and leading industries of the New Town, and also serve as the lifeline. More facile R&D, incubation and financing channels will be established, so that it can develop in a sustained way. Meanwhile, it will exert great efforts in developing related industries, such as electronics, pharmaceutics and garments, so as to form industrial clusters with strengths in R&D and production.

Innovative services as the features: The development of independent innovation capacity and an innovation system of a region relies on the innovative services of the region. The government aims to create a good environment and cultural climate for service innovation through planning of land use, spatial layout, landscaping, transportation facilities, and projects construction.

A comprehensive urban area integrating functions of R&D, services, production, residence, leisure and recreation: The sci-tech park will be developed into an urban area assuming multiple functions, such as residence, business, culture and recreation. The New Town will develop its own sense of belonging and unique charms. Only in this way can a region maintain its creativity and secure a long-term development.