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Land Use Planning Chart

Release time: 2012-10-06 11:55:30                                      Source: OVC

Land for commercial and service purposes: The modern service industries of the New Town will highlight the differences from those industries of the main urban areas of Wuhan. The ideas of “highlighting focal points and setting up complete outlets” will be embodied in the planning. Highlighting focal points: Centering on the one major and three supplementary functional zones of the New Town, it is planned to build Fozuling (Budda Ridge) New Town Business Park, Luxiang Commercial Service Center, Liufang Industrial Service Center and Wangjiadian Travel Service Center. The commercial and service establishments will be seated in a concentrated manner. Setting up complete outlets: the tracts for commercial services will be arranged at important nodes and axes outside the central service area. Other types of land (for industry, residence and education) will be reserved according to relevant standards and regulations of the country and enough land will be reserved for commercial services.

Fozuling Central Business Park (CBP or CP): is the Regional Intelligent Core (RIC). This core area is the central area (Baoxie Center) of the Southeast New Town designated in the Urban Master Plan of Wuhan. In the future it will be complete with functions with the eastward extending of the New Town. Complementary to the Luxiang Business Center, this core area will give prominence to administration, office, business, exhibition, services, sports and cultural functions. It will be developed into the new core area of the whole New Town. The core area of the CBP will take the junction of the Gaoxin Er Road and Guanggu Wu Road as the pivot point, with Guanggu Liu Road on the east, Gaoxin Si Road on the south, Guanggu San Road on the west and Gaoxin Yi Road on the north, taking the east-west Gaoxin Er Road and Gaoxin San Road and the south-north Guanggu Wu Road as the axes. This area, 9.36 km2, is the control area of the Core Area. The control area will take the functions of administration, sci-tech consultation, business, trade, banking, conference and exhibition, sports and entertainment. The corridors along Gaoxin Er Road and Gaoxin San Road will be home to corporate headquarters, sports and cultural establishments, pilot bases, and industrial institutes. The corridors along the Guanggu Wu Road will have innovations centers, media center, restaurants and hotels, healthcare establishments, business and recreation facilities. In construction, the protection of mountains and hills, water bodies and green corridors must be prioritized. Building complexes and buildings must be set harmoniously with the surroundings, with proper building density, height and standards, so as to form a park-like CBD of both oriental and western, traditional and modern styles. The CBD area will take the features of forests and gardens. The Core Business Area covers 2 km2, which stretches along either side of the Gaoxin San Road. On the northern side will be placed administrative, business and service centers while on the southern side there will be cultural and sports centers.

Luxiang Commercial Service Center: Based on the existing Luxiang Plaza and its peripheral business establishments, Guanshan pedestrian street will be built, so as to improve the commercial activities of the area. The planned area is 0.9 km2.

Liufang Industrial Service Center: Based on the existing Liufang Street and its infrastructure, a planned area of 0.5 km2 of service center that integrates residence, relevant supporting facilities and industrial services will be built. The northern side of the Gaoxin Liu Road will be used for concentrated setup of residence supporting facilities, such as office, business, banking, culture and recreation, healthcare, sports and education. The plots along the Gaoxin Wu Road and Liusu Road will be used for business, banking and cultural facilities. A business strip with distinctive modern town features will take shape here. A secondary living service center will be set up to the south of the Gaoxin Liu Road. An industrial service landmark building will be erected at the crossing of the Gaoxin Liu Road and the Guanggu Avenue.

  Wangjiadian Travel Service Center: a travel service center featuring forest city will be set up at Wangjiadian, a place at the crossing of the Luoyu Road and the former Wuhan-Huangshi Highway. The planned area is 0.3 km2. With Wangjiadian as the core, the area has Gaoxin San Road on the north, Jiufeng Yi Road on the east, a planned road on the south and Guanggu San Road on the west. The planned establishments within the area include Jiufeng Forest Protection Zone Tourist Center, tourist product shop, resort hotel, golf club, restaurants, tourism movie and culture center, as well as an academic exchange center, a chamber for academicians, an art village and a gallery. This area shall embody the features of woodlands and countryside.

The “one major and three supplementary” functional layout will take Luxiang as the core in the near future, and the Fozuling as the heart in the forward period through the convenient transportation links. The two will supplement each other and jointly form a sub-center of Wuhan.

Plots (Nodes) for other commercial and service areas:
Huaguang Avenue Entrance Nodal Point: Based on the present office buildings like Gaoke Mansion, Huigu Shikong (Wisdom Valley) and Guanggu Guoji (Optics Valley International), the business strip will extend to the south along the Huaguang Avenue and the frontage land of the former Urban Construction College will be sorted out so as to form a node of commercial services for optical and telecom companies that are based in the Guandong Industrial Park and the residents in the neighborhoods.

Guanshan Passenger Transportation Center: Guanshan Passenger Transportation Center will be set up based on the existing Metro Line 2, with the Liufang Train Station on the Wuhan-Jiujiang Intercity Rail as the center, to serve transfer passengers. Some key facilities will be set up, such as the Liufang Station of the Wuhan-Jiujiang Intercity Rail. Supporting facilities like hotels, restaurants, stores and entertainment places will be set up, too .
Crossing of Guanshan Yi Road and Nanhu Avenue: it will be placed for industrial and commercial services for the Guannan Industrial Park and services for the residents in the neighborhoods. The tracts are mainly on the two sides of the Guanshan Avenue and extend to the east somewhat.

Crossing of the Guanshan Er Road and Third Ring Road: A commercial service area for international corporate headquarters and transportation distribution center will be seated at the crossing of the Guanggu Avenue and the Third Ring Road. The plots are on either side of the Guanggu Avenue and extend somewhat to the south.

Liangzi Lake Travel Service Center: A travel service center will be set at the Liangzi Lake at the Jiulong Avenue, outside the Outer Ring.