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  • Land Use Planning Chart

    Land for commercial and service purposes: The modern service industries of the New Town will highlight the differences from those industries of the main urban areas

  • R&D Land Use Structure Chart

    Functions of the New Town: The New Town is to be based on high technology and its related industries, highlighting innovative services. It is to encompass such functions as R&D, services, production, residence, leisure and recreation.

  • Administrative Division and Jurisdiction Chart

    Wuhan Science and Technology New Town aims to cultivate and nurture first-class integrated innovation capacity that is sustainable and globally synchronized. Its contents are as follows:

  • Ecological Safety Structure Chart

    Layout of industrial land: Industrial land, powered by high technology, is the main productive land for the New

  • Green Space Classification Chart

    Planning of green spaces: Parklands: Parklands will be arranged by major lakes and mountains and along major roads of the urban area. With a total area of 1638.84 hectares, they include city-level parks

  • Residential Land Use Planning Chart

    Residential land use: The land for residential uses totals 31.08 km2, accounting for 19.67% of the total urban construction land area. It will accommodate 825,000 permanent residents and 145,000 migrant residents (calculated based on 15% of the total