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preferential policies to be issued soon

Release time: 2012-10-06 11:46:37                                      Source: OVC

Preferential policy on enterprise income tax rate for technology-based enterprises

For senior talents employed by enterprises that register in WEHDZ and pay tax in the Zone, the personal income tax paid to Hubei Province, Wuhan City and the Zone in the previous year shall be totally refunded as a reward.

For venture capital enterprises that purchase office for their own use in Financial Harbor,a lump-sum subsidy of 100 Yuan/㎡ shall be granted to them. A rental subsidy shall be granted to venture capital enterprises that rent office for their own use. The subsidy amount equals to 20% of the government-set price of the current year and the subsidy period is for 3 years.

If venture capital companies have invested in unlisted medium and small-sized high-tech companies for more than 2 years by buying shareholdings, 70% of the investment amount can be deducted from the taxable income of the venture capital companies in the year after they have held the shareholdings for 2 years.

A subsidy shall be granted to venture capital enterprises who invest in companies in currency. The subsidy amount shall be 10% of the actual investment amount, but each susidy amount shall not exceed 1 million RMB Yuan.