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Preferential Investment Policies Only in WEHDZ

Release time: 2012-10-06 11:47:05                                      Source: OVC

1Integrating resources from Hubei and Wuhan to give relatively stronger supports to WEHDZ
Both provincial and municipal key hi-tech industrial projects shall be put in WEHDZ. Provincial departments like Development and Reform Commission, Economic and Information Technology Commission and Science and Technology Department shall plan hi-tech industries as a whole and coordinate fund for hi-tech industries to give relatively stronger supports to WEHDZ and to support the development of 5 industries of the Zone.


2Innovation of investment and financing system, expansion of investment and financing channels

The government encourages the establishment of industry investment companies by social capital in order to support the development of 5 industries of WEHDZ. Venture Capital Fund of Fund, compensating fund of financial lease, guarantee fund or re-guarantee fund for medium-and-small sized technology enterprises are encouraged to be set up in accordance with law; regional financial institutions and investment companies are encouraged to ask for the supports from central government so that financial lease companies can be set up in the Zone and financial lease services can be provided in the Zone. The Zone encourages commercial banks to set up financial institutions which mainly provide services to medium-and-small sized technology-based enterprises. Financing activities are encouraged in the Zone such as equity transaction among unlisted companies, intellectual property transaction and hypothecation of intangible assets. The government shall promote listing of recognized technology enterprises, financing and issuing of bonds.

3Acceleration of reorganization and restructuring of enterprises and scientific research institutes
The state-owned investment institutions of WEHDZ shall take part in reorganization and restructuring of key enterprises and scientific research institutes. The total increased value of return on state-owned equity can be used to incent key teams of the companies.


4Innovation of incentive system and construction of talent zone
WEHDZ shall make use of collaboration platform between ministries and Hubei Province to strive for supports from State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Finance etc. in order to promote pilot projects conducted by central enterprises, colleges and universities, and research instituts such as the incentive for scientific and technological achievements tied to job, stockholder's rights drive, and profit- sharing scheme.
WEHDZ is practicing a talent introduction program in order to attract senior talents to start business and form a cluster of senior talents in WEHDZ.

5Extension of the term of current financial incentives enjoyed by WHEDZ

The provincial and municipal government shall extend the current tax return for another one year. The Administrative Committee of WEHDZ shall set up special funds for industrial development with the refunded money to support the development of 5 key industries.

6Implementation of government purchase and financial subsidy for innovative products

The hi-tech products developed by enterprises of WEHDZ shall be on the government purchase list and the products that the government invest in shall have the priority in the list. Those who apply new energy products and new environment-friendly products shall enjoy financial subsidies from the central government, as well as the provincial and municipal government.

7Implementation of demonstration program for the application of new technology and environment-friendly products
The government will take Wuhan-centered cities and major cities in Hubei Province as the pilot areas to demonstrate new products of FTTH, solar power roof, LED lighting, new energy automobiles etc. in order to expand the application of new technology products and environment-friendly products.