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SMIC Kindergarten

Release time: 2012-08-17 11:23:45                                      Source: OVC

The SMIC kindergarten, located at No. 18, Second Zhongxin Road, East Lake New Technology Developing Zone, Wuhan, is a kindergarten attached to the SMIC and a standard international bilingual kindergarten. The children in the kindergarten come from China mainland, Taiwan, America, Italy, India, Paraguay and other countries and regions. It is the top kindergarten in Optics Valley and even Wuhan.

With first-class teaching environment and teaching team, the school highlights the “Montessori education method” of mixed-age class, teaching by ages with a foreign teacher, adopts bilingual course including Chinese and English, simulates the high quality education of “International city residence” and creates a intrusive English learning environment, such as parallel communication of English and Chinese topics, dialogue in person, daily life as a course, unique and multicultural background and social circumstances game in English.

Address: No. 18, Second Zhongxin Road     Tel: 027-81529018