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Some universities

Release time: 2012-08-17 11:32:23                                      Source: OVC

Wuhan University: 68756503 (General Administration Office)
68752177 (CPC Committee Office)
Huazhong University of Science and Technology :
87542101 (General Administration Office)
China University of Geosciences:
87481030 67883995 (General Administration Office)
Huazhong Agricultural University:
87282027 (General Administration Office)
87280460 (CPC Committee Office)
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law:
88386114 88386017 (CPC Committee Office)
Central China Normal University:
67868031 67868001 (General Administration Office)
Wuhan University of Technology:
87651441 (General Administration Office)
87651905 (Party Committee Office)
Hubei University of Technology:
88034600 (General Administration Office)
88034039 (CPC Committee Office)
Wuhan Institute of Technology:
87195623 (General Administration Office)
87194629 (Party Committee Office)
Wuhan Textile University :
87611698 (College Office)
87611697 (CPC Committee Office)
Wuhan Institute of Physical Education:
87190857 (College Office)
87191823 (CPC Committee Office)
Hubei University of Economics:
81973711 (College Office)
81973700 (CPC Committee Office)
Hubei Radio & TV University:
87586492 87588563 (General Administration Office)
Wuhan Technique College 87767999
Wuhan Bioengineering Institute:
89641948 (College Office)
89649868 (CPC Committee Office)
Wuhan Technical College of Communications:
88756000 (College Office)
88756030 (CPC Committee Office)
Wuhan Railway Vocational College Of Technology:
51168500 (College Office)
51168620 (CPC Committee Office)