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Jiedaokou Business Circle:

Release time: 2012-08-17 09:27:34                                      Source: OVC

Jiedaokou Business Circle, which centers on Jiedaokou crossing, starts in Baiyi Road in the north and ends in Xiongchu Avenue in the south where it connects with Xiongchu Business Circle, runs along Luoyu Road in the east and stretches forward to Luxiang via Zhuodaoquan Crossing and ends in the vast area in Shipailing Road in the west, is a comprehensive business district featuring high-tech electronic technical industries, creative industries, education and cultural industries and large-scale shopping malls and contains various business brands such as Qunguang Plaza, New World, YamaoPlaza, the Future City-Oula, Letian City, Popular Viewport, computer market and so on.