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Religious Sites in Wuhan

Release time: 2012-05-08 09:05:39                                      Source: OVC

 Wuhan is a multi-ethnic, many religious coexist city, there are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and protestantism and so on many kinds of religion, believers are many.


Temple: the GUI yuan temple, treasure the temple, LianXi temple, eidur gudjohnsen temple, spirit springs temple etc. Taoist temple: changchun view.


Mosque: civil rights way mosques, silk mosques, uprising street mosque, etc. The church: Shanghai road the Catholic church, HuangShiLu Christian glory hall, hanyang GaoLong and hall, orthodox church, wuhan garden mountain Catholic church (WuChangSheng home hall), Christian salvation hall, DongXiHu BaiQuan Catholic church, Christian tsung tsin church, etc.


The GUI yuan temple of zen Buddhism temples, located in wuhan city CuiWeiLu hanyang west end, covers an area of 47000 square meters, more than 200 pieces between the temple, a building area of 200000 square meters. The GUI yuan temple the buildings inside, Buddhism classics and all kinds of Buddhism after the "cultural revolution" catastrophe complete remain, and especially the LuoHanTang unto the 500 JinShen honour for significant ocean's characteristics. Hubei province is one of the four famous buddhist temple, national key buddhist monasteries.


The GUI yuan temple was built in qing shun zhi 15 years (1658), with its excellent architecture, sculpture, rich in and out of excellent collection Buddha. By the sutra depository leisurely, halls of temples, LuoHanTang three a theme building to form. To carry forward the buddhist temple is well known in the world, for hundreds of years is Buddhism believers worship the holy land, a steady stream of Chinese and foreign visitors, incense is very strong. Bus lines: take bus 402 road way can reach more public transport.