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East Lake Yihai Bathing Beach:

East Lake Yihai Bathing Beach is located in the middle part of Shili Dyke ranging from East Lake Pear Garden to Mount. It provides entertainment, relaxation and dabbling. As an inland bathing beach, it is divided into sand beach and dabbling beach, European pirate ship (21m long and 8m wide), Lovers Island (1,680 square meters), large reef and Greek lighthouse, providing it with the Southern seaside scenery. Supporting items of the beach include beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach slide, beach bike and barbecue in shady path, and facilities include viewing platform, cafe bar, navigation bar, dressing room and shower room and so on.

Address: East Lake Scenic Area Mid-Lake Pavilion Tel: 027-87598859

Constant Temperature Natatorium of Wuhan Institute of Sport
Address: Wuhan Institute of Sport, No. 461, Luoyu Road
Natatorium of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Address: Near Yunyuan Dining Hall, West Campus of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Kongjun Lakeside Natatorium
Address: Aviation Residence Community, Extra No. 1, Zhuodaoquan Road
Natatorium of China University of Geosciences
Address: Postgraduate School of Hongshan School of China University of Geosciences, No. 388, Lumo Road
Natatorium of Ramada Hotel
Address: Fitness Center, Floor 5, Ramada Hotel
Sunshine Natatorium
Address: No. 998, Xiongchu Avenue
Natatorium of Army Academy
Natatorium of Hongjing Garden
Natatorium of Optical valley No. 1 Primary School
Natatorium of South-Central University for Nationalities
Natatorium of No. 1 Middle School Attached to South China Normal University
Natatorium of Vanke City Garden
Natatorium of the Contemporary International Garden