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Wuhan East Lake Ocean World

Release time: 2012-08-17 16:26:50                                      Source: OVC

It is located in the national places of interest and scenic spot Wuhan East Lake, covering a construction area of 30,000 square meters, in which over thousand kinds of rare fishes from ocean are displayed. The overall exhibition hall is consisted of eight exhibition areas: Rain Forest Exhibition Hall, Submarine Tunnel, Marine Organism Exhibition Hall, Fish Exhibition Hall of Changjiang River, Ocean Theatre, Penguins from Polar Region, Popular Science and Electrified Education Exhibition Hall, Specimen Exhibition Hall, Boutique Exhibition Hall and etc. under the characteristic of appreciation, amusement, enjoyment and knowledge into a whole, and it is certified as “ popular science education base” by the department concerned from the nation, province and city, which becomes the most characteristic and the top class large-scale marine dynamic world in the country.

In East Lake Ocean World, tourists can freely enjoy the mysterious and ever changing primeval forest on the Amazon plain, the deep and misted underwater scenery, the gorgeous and dazzling marine organism, the astonishing scenery when human dances with a shark, the humorous performance of sea beasts, charming and naive penguins, which are good places for tourists to travel and relax themselves, and also provides a favorable window and class for tourists to know the ocean, approach the ocean, love the ocean and protect the ocean.

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