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Gui Mountain

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The ancient name is Yiji Mountain which is beside the Yangtze River in Hanyang. One side of the Mountain is Han River, and on the other side are two small beautiful lakes. The opposite bank of the River is Wuchangshe Mountain with a quiet beautiful view.

Gui Mountain is a famous tourist attraction in history. Walking up the stairs from the eastern foothill, bronze statue of Huangxing, one of the leaders in the Revolution of 1911 could be seen; walking along with ridge about one hundred steps, here is River-watching Pavilion which is the best place for enjoying the sight of the Yangtze River. Hubei Radio and TV Tower is situated at the top of the Mountain. Sitting in the revolving restaurant in the Tower, you can enjoy complete picture of three towns. Other scenic spots of the Mountain are Three Kingdoms City, Guanyu Temple, Peach Blossom Cave and the grave of revolutionary martyr Xing Jingyu etc.

Located at the top of Gui Mountain, Gui Mountain TV Tower is a multifunctional TV tower firstly designed and constructed by China with reinforced concrete structure. The Tower was built in 1986 with an elevation of 311.4 m, higher than High Tower known as “Euromast” in Amsterdam, capital of Netherlands. Therefore, it has been known as “Asian Mast”. Spin room, watch tower and open terrace in the Tower are between 104m and 135m. Climbing the Tower in a sunny day, the sight of the city beside the River could be seen. It is the first radio and TV tower with reinforced concrete structure which integrates visiting, catering and entertainment and other functions.

Bus line: trolley bus 1, 10, 61, 401, 402, 411, 584, etc.