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Changchun Taoist Temple

Release time: 2012-08-17 16:31:21                                      Source: OVC

Located at outside of the East Gate of Wuchang, Changchun Taoist Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty with a grand scale. It is jungle resort of Taoist all the time and regarded as “famous area of Jiangchu, a place for Taoists gathering in and converting”. Changchun Taoist Temple is the largest and well-preserved ancient Taoist buildings groups in Wuhan.

Buildings inside the temple are divided into left, middle and right rows with walking up along the mountain and a reasonable layout. Buildings in the middle route are five entrances - the Lingguan Hall, Ershen Hall, Taiqing Hall, Gushen Temple and the Ancient Xiannong Temple. Buildings in the left routes are Shifang Hall, Jing Hall, Dake Hall, Morality Temple, Dashi Pavilion, Laicheng Pavilion and the Tripitaka Sutra Pavilion etc. Buildings in the right route are kitchen, Abstinence Hall, Shrine, Qiuzu Hall, Zhudai Hall, Shipu Hall and Chunyang Temple. Main buildings are in post and panel structure, while brackets cornices, beam column and board, and baldachine inside the Hall are well-carved, exquisite and vivid, possessing typical art features of Hubei Taoist buildings.

The statues of Shennong, Fu Hsi, Xuanyuanshi, seated statues of “the seven people of Quanzhen Taosim” - Liu Changsheng, Tan Changzhen, Sun Buer, Qiu Changchun, Ma Danyang, Wang Yuyang and Hao Tai, recumbent statue of Lv Dongbin, and “five hundred officials”, etc. are admired in Changchun Taoist Temple .

Changchun Taoist Temple is a place where Taoist cultural relics are well-preserved and richest. Wuhan Taoist Association is headquartered in the Temple.

Bus line: 15, 108, 401, 510, 608, 701, 805, 907, etc.